To End War & Sexism Fight Capitalism!

Now is the time for women everywhere to stay in the streets protesting the killing machine being unleashed by Bush in Iraq. Military conquest is never in the interests of women and children, and colonial rule, such as Bush intends to institute, means that the Iraqis will be subjected to all the suffering that goes with being a conquered people.

At the same time, this immoral U.S. war machine is draining the lifeblood out of badly needed social services here at home. The lack of funding for health care, social services, education, childcare, elderly and disabled care, and low-income housing affect every woman in this country.

Yet the U.S. is going to spend $200 billion destroying Iraq in order that U.S. and European corporations can rebuild it and steal its oil reserves—all for super profits. And that's called the genius of capitalism?!

It is time to take the reins of power out of the hands of these bloodthirsty capitalist maniacs. Their macho posturing and bellicose lying, arm-twisting and bribery have brought the world to the brink of nuclear disaster.

Female casualties of war
Ninety percent of the fatalities in Iraq will be civilian. The vast majority of them will be women and children. They will die from bombs, bullets, hunger and disease. Many will be forced to live in refugee camps and some will be the victims of rape, torture or the global sex trade.

Sexual violence is an essential ingredient in every war. It is used to conquer, to torture and as a form of genocide. Military training itself encourages this behavior because it dehumanizes the "enemy" so that soldiers will do the unthinkable—commit murder.

But the people of Iraq are not the only victims of the misogyny, racism, homophobia and xenophobia of the U.S. military. Already cadets at the Air Force Academy report rapes by other cadets and cover-ups by military officials. Three veterans of the Afghanistan war murdered their wives last year. And sexual harassment is a daily aspect of life for women in the armed forces and for those who live near U.S. military bases overseas.

Down with the patriarchs of capitalism!
No more crusades to preserve the obscene wealth of corporate America! No more phony "humanitarian" U.S. military missions to "save" the women of other countries through "regime change" and colonialist "nation building!" Bring all U.S. troops home and leave the rest of the world at peace to settle their own affairs!

No more imperialist wars in our name! No more dangerously arrogant, terminally pompous plutocrats to rule over us. Down with Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Rice, Fleischer and all the other liars in Washington D.C.!

Down with capitalism, which permanently fuels race, gender and national privilege for the sake of profits and the almighty dollar!

Now is the time to remake our world into one fit for humans to live in, and to organize it around principles of global cooperation, shared wealth, respect for national sovereignty and human solidarity. In short to make one, good socialist revolution right here in the heartland of imperialism!

Issued by:  Radical Women
New Freeway Hall, 5018 Rainier Ave. South, Seattle, WA 98118
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