¡Ni una muerta mas! End patriarchal capitalism! Justice for Victoria!

Statement by National Radical Women and LA Freedom Socialist Party

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The Freedom Socialist Party and National Radical Women are socialist feminist organizations that have been on the frontline fighting for women’s rights and speaking up for the most oppressed--women of color, lesbians, transwomen, the elderly and the disabled--since the mid-1960s.

We are here today to say that femicide against all women must STOP. We are outraged that Victoria Salazar, a Salvadoran immigrant, was murdered by the Mexican police. She joins the many refugees who have fled their countries because of neo-liberal policies that have caused civil war, poverty and dangerous unlivable conditions, especially for women and children.

Mexican officials have said that the four officers, three male and one female, have been fired, detained, and charged with femicide. This is not good enough! From 2015 to June 2019, at least 3,080 women were murdered in Mexico. Some of the cases have been particularly brutal: For example, in February 2020, a 25-year-old Ingrid Escamilla was stabbed to death, cut up and partially skinned. The Mexican government led by AMLO has refused to deal seriously with violence against women. The government’s sexism is mirrored by its refusal to support Mexican women textile workers who went on strike for better pay and working conditions and are still out of work.

Femicide is a systemic problem internationally. In recent years, El Salvador, Victoria’s home country, has reported high rates of domestic violence and epidemic rates of femicide. In 2019, the country had one of the highest femicide rates in Latin America, second only to Honduras.

In the U.S., the number of women killed has been steadily rising. Almost 2,000 women were killed by men in 2017. Women under 29 and women of color, including trans women, are disproportionately murdered. Black and Native American women experienced the highest rates of homicide between 2003 and 2014. The disappearance of Native American women is also a critical problem—nearly 5,600 were reported missing last year. In 2019, at least 26 transgender or gender non-conforming people were killed in this country. Trans women are brutalized in their own countries, along the way to the U.S., at the border, and when they get to the U.S., finally thinking they are safe, they are murdered.

Femicide is spreading like a disease with few consequences for the perpetrator, especially when the perpetrator is the arm of the state—the policia.

But state violence does not stop with the police. It also exists when women are not allowed to control their own bodies. Central America is one of the most restrictive legal environments for abortion in the world. Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador have complete abortion bans. In El Salvador, women are imprisoned for suspected abortions; and in Guatemala and Panama, abortion is permitted only in limited circumstances. A high rate of sexual violence in these countries contributes to a high rate of unwanted pregnancy, thereby forcing women and girls to either carry pregnancies against their will or seek an unsafe illegal abortion that puts their health and lives at risk. We all must stand for reproductive justice!

Radical Women and Freedom Socialist Party have long recognized that women’s subordination is rooted in the historical overturn of the matriarchy which occurred with the development of private property. It expanded with capitalism’s global growth and the violent rape of indigenous women and Black slave women. It continues to this very day. Just last year a whistleblower exposed the fact that doctors were being allowed to perform sterilizations on women held in detention centers without their consent. The United States has a long history of coerced, medical experiments and sterilization of women of color, poor women and those deemed mentally ill. This is also femicide.

Imperialism oppresses women internationally and it this patriarchal capitalist system that conditions men to treat women as property—to abuse, rape, torture and murder them. It is sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia that prop up capitalism and maintain the status quo. Although women are viewed as the inferior sex, in fact the opposite is true. Brave women have faced off against the military and the police. They have marched by the thousands demanding an end to femicide. We join them in demanding:

Justice for Victoria!
Stop state and police violence! Reproductive justice!
End sexist, racist, and transphobic immigration policies!
Close detention centers!
Open the borders!

Presented at

Across from the Mexican Consulate, Los Angeles

Watch video of rally here.

Sponsored by: Freedom Socialist Party - LA, National Radical Women, Union del Barrio, CISPES-LA

Endorsers: Alliance to Defend Immigrants, Central American Resource Center-LA, Gender Justice LA, National Lawyers Guild, Never Again-LA, Puerto Rican Alliance, SEIU Drop the Cops, SEIU 721 Lavender LGBTQ+ Caucus, Trans Latin@ Coalition, UTLA Raza Education Committee