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Let’s get the EACH Woman Act moving! April calling campaign

Photos of women holding ptrotest signs framing a gray block saying Each Woman for abortion access.Get the bill moving!

The EACH Act (Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance, formerly the EACH Woman Act) would lift Hyde Amendment restrictions on federal funding for abortion and restore access to millions of women on government-funded health insurance. The bill, first introduced in 2019, was reintroduced in March 2021 as HR 2234 / S1021. We need to show its sponsors and cosponsors that there's public support for action now. Please take a moment to contact elected officials to move this bill forward. Women’s lives and health depend on overriding barriers to abortion.

The Hyde Amendment, first passed in 1977, restricts abortion coverage for federally funded healthcare recipients. This includes people on Medicare and Medicaid, Native Americans, U.S. servicepeople and veterans, Peace Corps volunteers, federal employees and their families, and women in immigration detention and prisons. Clearly it is the most vulnerable who suffer the greatest when denied full maternal and reproductive health care. Without funding for abortion, women end up sterilized or die from lack of choices.

EACH would lift the ban on federal funding and strengthen the constitutional right to abortion. Its passage is urgent in the face of concerted rightwing attacks on Roe v Wade. EWA is needed now more than ever when millions of women have lost jobs, health insurance, and childcare during COVID-19. Still, this measure is just a start. Full reproductive justice includes free abortion and safe contraception on demand, no forced sterilization, 24-hour free childcare, social support for parents of all sexualities and genders, free nationalized healthcare, an end to poverty and racism, and much more. So let’s get started!

Please call or email the six original EACH Women Act supporters and urge them to light a fire for passage of EACH. They are:

Representative Diana DeGette (D-CO)
Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA)
If not in her district, call (510) 763-0370
Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-IL)
If not in her district, call (773) 506-7100
Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL)
Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI)
Senator Patty Murray (D-WA)

Suggested phone message

My name is _______________. I urge Senator/Representative __________________, an original 2019 EACH Woman Act co-sponsor, to light a fire for passage of the EACH Act in Congress (SB1021 / HR2234). Please inform me of public hearings about the bill and how I [and my organization] can help support it. I can be reached at [phone # and email]. Thank you.

Suggested email message

Dear [Senator/Representative Last name],

I wholeheartedly support the EACH Act HR2234 / S1021 (formerly the EACH Woman Act), which would lift Hyde Amendment restrictions on federal funding for abortion and restore access to millions of women on government-funded health insurance. Because you were one of the original sponsors during the 2019 Congress, I’m looking to you to light a fire for EACH this session. Your advocacy for the most vulnerable and underserved—women of color, Native American, poor, unemployed, disabled and working women—is needed now more than ever. For the millions of women who have lost jobs, health insurance, and childcare during COVID-19, quality maternal and reproductive care are life-and-death issues.

Please keep me informed of public hearings on EACH, when it will come before congress, and how I and members of my organization, ________________________, can support the bill..

Thank you.

Please let us know if you've made the calls/emails and let us know of any new information you get by commenting at the EACH Act event on Facebook or emailing

If you can, please also contact your own congress people and urge them to become cosponsors and push the bill forward.

Locate your Senators here.

Locate your Representatives here.

Thank you for your help in supporting this vital protection of women’s ability to control their own bodies and lives.

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