May 10, 2018

Free Kadir Çınar & all political prisoners in Turkey

Turkish Embassy in the United States

Turkish Embassy in Australia

To representatives of the Turkish government:

Radical Women, located in the United States and Australia, is a socialist feminist defender of women and a supporter of all human rights. We call on the Turkish government to immediately release Kadir Çınar, who was arrested April 29 and is still detained, for the sole “crime” of being a vocal socialist and labor activist. His arrest was part of sweeping arrests of 84 activists on May 1.

We call for the release of Kadir Çınar and all political prisoners in Turkey, including the thousands of feminists, unionists, and Kurdish liberation fighters.


Helen Gilbert
Radical Women U.S.
Seattle, WA

Debbie Brennan
Radical Women Australia
Melbourne, VIC