Happy New Year!

From our streets to yours — wishing you all the joy and exhilaration that the struggle for a better world brings. Here’s to an end to war, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia. Raise a toast for a safer, saner, greener socialist feminist world in 2015!

In sisterhood,
Radical Women

After the miscarriage of justice in Ferguson was announced, Radical Women joined in protests across the nation against the police murders of Black people. In Los Angeles, Karla listens to a young activist speak at a demonstration. Yes, we need elected civilian review boards over the cops with the right to hire, fire, investigate and discipline, and we need them now! (Photo by Muffy Sunde)

In New York City, Radical Women joins the Campaign to Free Nestora Salgado at a protest in front of the Mexican Consulate to demand the release of Salgado and other political prisoners. Salgado is an indigenous leader, feminist and naturalized U.S. citizen who has been a political prisoner in Mexico for over 16 months. (Hear a radio broadcast about Ms. Salgado by Mumia Abu-Jamal, an internationally renowned freedom fighter, journalist, and political prisoner in the U.S.) Free all political prisoners! (Photo by Fanzine Detektor)

East African women and Radical Women lead the battle that forced Seattle Housing Authority to back down from an attempt to raise rents up to 400% over 5 years for certain low-income tenants. Housing is a human right! (Photo by Alex Garland)

Activists young and old join in the “Not 1 More” Rally in Forks, Washington. This pro-immigrant rights action called for no more detention and no more deportations. RW leader Lois (holding Solidarity Across Borders sign) is an organizer of Stop the Checkpoints on the Olympic Peninsula. Open the borders now! (Photo by Leslie Hoare)

Sandra, Jasmine, Beatriz, Duciana and Norma pose with the Freedom Socialist newspaper in front of a banner held during rallies and marches to defend City College of San Francisco. Radical Women and the Freedom Socialist Party worked with activists, staffers and students to stop City College of San Francisco from being privatized and made unaffordable for the working class scholars in attendance. Public education for all! (Photo by Danielle Kerley)

In Australia, feminists from Kenya and Ecuador hold Radical Women signs as they join others to defend a Melbourne women’s clinic from anti-abortion fanatics. RW has long been a leading voice in the fight for reproductive rights. For free, safe and legal abortion! (Photo by Debbie Brennan)

Emily (left) chairs a gathering in Harlem co-sponsored by CONNECT and Radical Women to mobilize support for Marissa Alexander. Alexander is a Black mother in Florida who was charged with aggravated assault for firing a warning shot to stop an attack by her estranged husband. In November Alexander accepted a plea bargain in the face of a possible 60-year prison sentence. End domestic violence and the further racist and sexist victimization of survivors by the courts! (Photo by Robin Strauss)

Megan and Margaret strut their stuff at the Trans Pride March in Seattle, Washington. The call to free whistleblower and trans hero Chelsea Manning from prison was a huge hit — as was the slogan “We Take No Pride in War.” (Photo by Gina Petry)

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