Stand Up for Abortion Rights: Your Support Is Needed Now

The article in the New York Times," Group Shows Covert Video of a Bronx Abortion Clinic," by Vivian Yee, dated April 28th, 2013, was not a piece of investigative reporting. Rather, it was a press release for the rightwing organization, "Live Action," and a slanderous video attack on Dr. Emily Women's Health Center in the South Bronx. This is a direct response to the militant defense of clinics and the determined efforts of feminists to strengthen abortion laws in New York State.

The veil of pity and so-called innocence portrayed by the "fake reporter" in the video is part of the deceit, harassment and mayhem that the organized right has inflicted on the clinic and their patients and staff for over six years. The NY Times' collusion for this reporting must be denounced! It has shown itself to be a willing partner in an effort to deny women the right to control our own bodies.

Radical Women has been part of the NY Coalition for Abortion Clinic Defense (NYCACD) for the past three years. We have defended Dr. Emily Clinic, which serves the Harlem community and the African American and Latino communities of the South Bronx. Since its founding in 1967, Radical Women has called for free abortion on demand with no apology, no explanation and no compromise. We believe that race, immigration status, money and geographic location should not be determinants for reproductive justice.

Radical Women calls on all feminists and our allies to denounce these attacks. We urge you to do any of the following:

--Email a letter to the NY Times (see How to Submit a Letter to the Editor) for details

--Write in the comment section on the NY Times article

--Twitter NYT Metro Desk @NYTMetro and share your anger about their reporting

--Join with Radical Women and the NY Coalition for Abortion Clinic Defense ( in militantly defending our rights. Clinic defenders are needed Tuesday, Wednesday Friday and Saturday mornings.

For more information, call New York Radical Women at 212-222-0633.