RW and FSP support the National Union of Miners and Metal Workers of Mexico, Section 65

National Union of Miners and Metal Workers of Mexico, Section 65
Frente Femenil Cananense
Cananea, Sonora

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you today in the face of the February 11 federal court decision outlawing your two-half year strike and authorizing the army to move against you and your families. We denounce this monstrous act of government repression of your basic labor and human rights and call on President Calderon to reject the use of coercion and violence to settle this labor dispute.

Here in the United States we are familiar with the collusion of state and corporate interests in trying to break strikes, jail strikers and outlaw unions. Your determination to defend your rights "with everything" inspires us to continue to struggle for a just world where those of us who produce wealth through our daily work also reap the respect and benefits that should be attached to honest labor.

We send a special solidarity greeting to the brave women of the Frente Femenil Cananense. You are showing the world the unstoppable tenacity and power of women. Our hats are off to you and your families in this historic struggle.

¡No pasarán!

In solidarity,

Guerry Hoddersen
International Secretary
Freedom Socialist Party, U.S.

Christina López
Radical Women, U.S.
National Coordinating Committee