Solidarity Statement to the Reproductive Rights Rally
July 24, 2010, Atlanta, Georgia

Radical Women stands with you in solidarity as you counter Priests for Life. We regularly face off with Priests for Life while defending Dr. Emily's Clinic in the South Bronx, NY. We say to them: a woman's access to safe, legal abortion and freedom from forced sterilization are as fundamental as her right to breathe the air—with no apology, no explanation and no compromise.

The misogynists claim to be preventing Black women from committing genocide. They lie. They are part of an ultra-right movement that attacks people of color, women, immigrants, sexual minorities, and workers. Their agenda would send society back to the era when women and people of color's sweat and blood drenched the Georgia soil from coat hanger abortions and lynching.

The bigots can and will be stopped by the beautiful flexing of our collective strength, like you are doing today. We can build a militant, multi-racial, multi-issue force that fights for real choice; safe, free, unrestricted abortion on demand for women of all ages, abilities and ethnicities; free, safe ; full medical coverage and prenatal care for all; and guaranteed jobs at union wages, social services, education and training.
birth control; an end to forced sterilization; employer-funded, 24-hour childcare
Onwards to a world where the rightwing ideology is once and for all confined to the dustbins of history, to a global system of shared wealth and cooperation, where women of all races control our own destinies!

In solidarity,

Anne Slater
National Organizer
Radical Women