Support Suzanne Swift's Fight against Military Rape

Please give your support to the courageous fight of Suzanne Swift, who is demanding an Honorable Discharge from the Army after experiencing sexual assault and harassment by commanding officers while on tour in Iraq. Swift suffered Post-Traumatic Stress and went AWOL to avoid a second deployment under the same commanding officer. She was arrested on June 11th and is now confined to Ft. Lewis while the army decides whether to court martial her on charges that could lead to a prison term.
An immediate action you can take is to sign an on-line petition to the U.S. government that calls for an Honorable Discharge for Swift. Donations are for her defense can be contributed at . Updates on Swift's case and support movement are at
As Suzanne Swift's mother, Sara Rich, writes:
"Suzanne joined the Army with stars in her eyes-Not once did the recruiter mention the deadly statistics for women in the military and how going to war dehumanizes many soldiers to a point where they think that raping and harassing women is acceptable behavior.
"What has happened to Suzanne is happening to two out of every three women in the military right now. Young women and men are being subjected to sexual harassment, intimidation and assault every day and this is a national call to action. We must stop the climate of fear that our soldiers are living in every day."
Sara is collecting messages of support to send to her daughter. Please send your words of encouragement and solidarity to: Friends of Suzanne, P.O. Box 51584, Eugene, OR 97405.

As opponents of the U.S.'s criminal war in Iraq, we must speak out to support its victims among both the Iraqi people and the largely workingclass U.S. soldiers who are subjected to sexual harassment, racism, homophobia and deadly hazing by their own officers and ranks.

For more on Radical Women's analysis of the fight for women's rights in the military, read Anne Slater's article, "GI Jane in the U.S. War Machine" at

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