Join Sisters Organize for Survival,

a campaign of Seattle Radical Women,

in building a movement for publicly funded childcare for poor and working families

Group with hand-painted signs for childcare

Sisters Organize for Survival (SOS) is mobilizing parents, feminists and concerned activists to build a movement for comprehensive, state-funded childcare for all who need it. Affordable childcare is a necessity for poor and working families to survive, yet it is unaffordable or unavailable for tens of thousands of families in Washington State alone.

The need is huge and the options are limited. More than 300,000 children need care because their parents work; but only 174,210 childcare spaces exist statewide. Childcare fees are astronomical -- rivaling college tuition costs. Infant care averages $1029 a month and toddler care averages $866 per month. Working families can't afford this, much less single parents. Women are frequently forced out of the workforce to care for youngsters, putting even more strain on families.

The health and well-being of society's youngest members are everyone's responsibility -- the state should be required to provide for our most vulnerable and needy inhabitants. Quality childcare and early learning programs have been linked to success in school and later in life. Making such programs available to everyone in need would be a win-win for society as a whole.

With sufficient government funds there could be good wages so that highly trained and skilled workers can stay in this field. Community and parent control will ensure that care is culturally sensitive and high quality.

SOS calls for:
• 24-hour, publicly funded, comprehensive childcare on a sliding scale affordable to all
• Living wages, benefits and union representation for childcare workers and providers
• Boost funds for childcare, jobs and human services by taxing the rich and corporations

The Childcare Campaign furthers the work done in previous SOS organizing. Over the past four years, SOS has battled to save Basic Health and worked to get unions and community organizations to present a unified front against cuts to the Washington state legislature. We've called for taxing the rich and corporations, and closing loopholes that give business a free ride. SOS has showed how Washington could save jobs, pay for all needed social services and fully fund education by changing this state's regressive tax structure. SOS presents realistic alternatives to the tax impasse, while bringing natural allies together to fight on issues.

Get involved in the Childcare Campaign! SOS meetings are the second and fourth Saturdays of each month. Call 206-722-6057 or email for times and locations.
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