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Thursday, December 16, 7:00pm
Feminist Film Night

“Berta Didn’t Die, She Multiplied"

The political legacy of Berta Cáceras

Marching people honoring Berta Cáceras, carrying a banner with her photo

This compelling 30-minute documentary centers on Berta Cáceras, the assassinated Indigenous Honduran feminist and environmental leader. It highlights the activists who continue the fight with encouraging chants of “Berta didn’t die, she multiplied!” Learn about the Indigenous Lenca and Afro-Indigenous Garifuna peoples in their struggle against capitalism, patriarchy, racism and homophobia. The film illustrates how the movement organizes boldly despite violence from corporations, Honduran forces, and U.S. government interference. Discussion follows. Everyone welcome.

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Sponsored by Radical Women

Information:• 206-722-6057

New Radical Women discussion group begins Wed., November 3!
Online 6-session study circle

Patriarchy: Where it came from and how to smash it

Young woman face-to-face with heavily armored riot policeman staring him down
Chilean activist faces off against riot police, 2016.

A women’s uprising is sweeping the globe. Sisters and allies are standing up to domestic violence, rape, femicide, poverty, sexual repression, paternalism, racism and transphobia. When and how did women become “the second sex” and how does gender oppression prop up other forms of bigotry under capitalism? What will it take to turn rage into revolution, bringing in a new world that frees everyone? All genders welcome as we explore this fascinating topic!

Six Wednesdays at 7pm, beginning November 3
Register for the study group here: Download the reading list here.

More information:, 206-722-6057,

Wednesday, December 1, 7:00am

Tell it to the Judges: Uphold and Expand Abortion Rights

Morning Rush Hour Sign-Waving and Speak-Out

Three women in front of a banner and text saying Tell it to the Judges- Uphold and Expand Abortion Rights

Wednesday, December 1, 7:00am
U.S. District Court, 700 Stewart Street, Seattle

Help deliver the message to #TestifyForRoe and the full range of issues that comprise reproductive justice!

On Wed., December 1, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, a case aimed at overthrowing the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion throughout the land.

The National Mobilization for Reproductive Justice calls on all feminists, working-class people, and defenders of human rights to come out that day to add their testimony and "Tell it to the Judges: Uphold and Expand Abortion Rights."

Legal, free and accessible abortion should be guaranteed for all, but it is a real survival issue for the poor, women of color, and trans people. We need to tell the courts they have no right to deny or restrict this basic need. We assert its #MyDecisionAlone.

• Protect & expand Roe v. Wade; safe, legal abortion on demand without apology
• Repeal the Hyde Amendment
• Overturn state barriers to reproductive choices
• Stop forced sterilization
• No to caged kids, forced assimilation, & child welfare abuses
• End medical & environmental racism; for universal healthcare
• Defend queer & trans families
• Guarantee medically sound sex education & affordable childcare
• Sexual self-determination for people with disabilities
• Uphold social progress with expanded voting rights & strong unions

Go to – to endorse, view calendar and demands, and access tools and resources

To get involved in the local action, contact Radical Women- Seattle: 206-722-6057 – –

Thurs., November 18, 6pm
Radical Women's virtual night out

Two opportunities to Zoom in to important events

Option 1:

Photo collage of Native women and men in traditional garb with background of children at Carlisle School

The one-hour documentary Home from School follows tribal elders who seek the truth about generations of Native American children who were stripped from their families and culture and sent to the Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Pennsylvania, where many died and were secretly buried.

Following the film, hear from local Indigenous leaders.

Moderator: Arlie Neskahi, Diné Nation, musician and cultural consultant, living in Renton Panelists: Bill Sterud, Puyallup Tribal Council Chairman; Ramona Bennett, Puyallup Tribal Elder; Jason LaFontaine, Turtle Mountain Chippewa, with the Puget Sound Native American Education Program

Free – 6pm Click here for more information and to register.


Option 2:

Anita Hill discusses the 30-year journey to end gender violence

Black and white photo of Anita Hill

Anita Hill testifies before the Senate confirmation hearing of Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas.

In 1991, 35-year-old law professor Anita Hill wakened millions of people in the U.S. to the horrific prevalence of sexual harassment when she testified about the abuse she suffered at the hands of her former boss, Clarence Thomas, who was being vetted for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. Now, in a new book, Believing: Our Thirty-Year Journey to End Gender Violence, the renowned professor of law and gender studies addresses the drastic changes needed to eliminate gender-based violence. Hear Anita Hill's observations and solutions to gender violence which she rightly ties the problem to racism, transphobia, the wage gap, poverty and other social ills.

Tickets $5 -- 6pm
Co-presented by the Elliot Bay Book Co. and the Northwest African American Museum
More information and register in advance here. Hill's book can be purchased for an additional $25 when you register.

Thursday, October 21, 7pm
Radical Women Zoom Meeting

Season of the witch:
Fighting patriarchy's toils and troubles

Six women dressed all in black with black veils and witch hats holding signs 'Good night alt-right' and 'Hex White Supremacy'><br>
<span class=
Protesting the far-right, Boston, 2017

Feminists of all genders are taking to the streets and rebellious witches ride through the air! Is there a connection? Come to this Radical Women meeting to learn about local and national actions for the October 3 National Mobilization for Reproductive Justice and the women's marches the day before. Plus, as a special seasonal treat, a feminist anthropologist looks at Caribbean magical traditions and their fascinating connection to witch lore in Europe and the U.S. Everyone welcome.

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Sponsored by Radical Women

Information: • • 206-722-6057

Sunday, October 3, 2:00pm

“Not the Church, Not the State”

March and Rally

Meet at St. James Catholic Cathedral, 804 9th Avenue, Seattle
March to U.S. District Court, 700 Stewart Street, Seattle
Facebook event here

This action will commemorate Rosie Jiménez and build the fight for all reproductive justice! The Seattle protest is a part of the call to “Remember Rosie Jiménez: National Mobilization for Reproductive Justice” that Radical Women has been working on with other activists around the United States. Jiménez was a Latinx college student who died on October 3, 1977 after she couldn’t pay for a legal abortion and had no choice but to seek out a cheaper, unsafe option. She is considered to be the first person to die after the Hyde Amendment made it illegal for Medicaid to pay for abortions.

It also connects to a Supreme Court hearing this fall on a Mississippi case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a case that could overturn Roe vs. Wade. Let’s work together to demonstrate public support for Roe v. Wade and pressure the U.S. Supreme Court. It took a movement to win abortion and it will take a movement to keep it!


- Protect & expand Roe v. Wade; safe, legal abortion on demand without apology
- Repeal the Hyde Amendment
- Overturn state barriers to reproductive choices
- Stop forced sterilization
- No to caged kids, forced assimilation, & child welfare abuses
- End medical & environmental racism; for universal healthcare
- Defend queer & trans families
- Guarantee medically sound sex education & affordable childcare
- Uphold social progress with expanded voting rights & strong unions

Initiated by Radical Women. Local endorsers include: Beverly Anderson, President AFGE Local 3197 • Freedom Socialist Party • Labor for Black Lives Collective • OPEIU Local 8 • Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity • Party for Socialism & Liberation - Seattle • Resident and Fellow Physician Union- Northwest • Rosie's Machinists 751 • Seattle Revolutionary Socialists • UAW Local 4121 • Washington Poor People's Campaign • WFSE Local 304 • WFSE Local 1488 • Workers World Party- Seattle

Contact Radical Women at 206-722-6057 or with any questions.

Tuesday, September 21 & 28, 6:30pm PT
Online Organizing Meetings

Help Build the Seattle Action for Rosie Jiménez and Reproductive Justice

Are you outraged about the Texas abortion ban going into effect? Then your help is needed to organize an action to commemorate Rosie Jiménez and build the fight for reproductive justice! This local action is part of the call to “Remember Rosie Jiménez: National Mobilization for Reproductive Justice” that Radical Women has been working on with other activists around the United States.

Organizing meetings for Seattle’s action will be every Tuesday until October 3 at 6:30pm on Zoom.
Register here:

In Seattle:

“Not the Church, Not the State” march and rally

Sunday, October 3, 2:00pm

Meet at St. James Catholic Cathedral, 804 9th Avenue
March to Federal Courthouse, 700 Stewart Street

To endorse the local and national action, fill out and return the form here.

Contact Radical Women at 206-722-6057 or" with any questions.

Thursday, September 16, 7:00pm
Organizing meeting

¡Adelante! ¡Forward! for abortion rights from Mexico to the U.S.

side by side photos; Mexico-cheering women with green bandanas Texas-protesting women with orange bandanas and sign saying Abortion is healthcare
Abortion rights protest in Mexico (left) and Texas (right)

Are you an avid activist for reproductive freedom? Then this is the meeting for you! On the agenda: learn more about the recent victory for decriminalized abortion in Mexico. Find out how to help build Seattle’s “Remember Rosie Jiménez: National Mobilization for Reproductive Justice” on October 3. Bring your ideas and enthusiasm!

Register at:

Sponsored by Radical Women

Information: • • 206-722-6057

Saturday, Aug. 28, 1pm PDT, 3pm CDT, 4pm EDT
Women’s Rights Day celebration

The inspiring global fight for reproductive justice

Women holding green triangle scarves, seated in front of a colorful mural callfing legalization of abortion

Don't miss this exciting event! Two international speakers will tell how women in their countries won legal abortion by building massive grassroots movements. Building on their inspiration, a Phoenix feminist will discuss how to counter threats to reproductive justice in the United States. Come away energized, hopeful, and galvanized to action!

ARGENTINA – Paula Carbajal – educator, historian, abortion rights activist, Mujeres por la Libertad, Neuquén
IRELAND - Ellen Dillon – poet and teacher, rural organizer for movement to repeal anti-abortion law, Limerick
U.S. – Susan Massey – feminist mathematician in health research, Radical Women, Phoenix

Chair: Nga Bui – anti-fascist organizer, New York City

Spanish translation available.

Register in advance at
Sponsored by: Radical Women U.S. For more information: 206-985-4621 • Facebook

Thursday, August 19, 7pm
Online mobilizing meeting

Our Bodies, Our Lives!

Black woman holds sign in front of Capitol building saying Keep Abortion Safe, Legal & Accessible

What can we do to defend abortion rights and affirm everyone’s right to control their own body? This Radical Women gathering will feature a presentation on Rosie Jimenez, who she was and why her 1977 death has made her a symbol of the fight for reproductive justice. Learn how you can help build an upcoming event with an international panel of women on the front lines fighting for abortion rights. And get updated on Maddesyn George’s case, a young Native woman from the Colville Reservation who has been charged with second-degree murder for defending herself against a violent rapist. Bring your thoughts on what is needed to fight back and build alliances locally and nationally.

Register in advance at

Sponsored by Radical Women

Information:, 206-722-6057

Thursday, July 15, 7pm
Public Zoom Gathering

Spotlight on Community Victories and Organizing

Five workers holding a banner saying Hunger Striking for Justice

Learn about the successful Latinx community campaign to stand up to sexual harassment and worker intimidation at the Casa Latina job center. Rank-and-file staff and day laborers used militant tactics to win needed changes. Also on the agenda, Radical Women’s campaign to invigorate the fight in defense of abortion rights on a local and national level. Bring your ideas and get involved!

Register in advance at

Sponsored by Radical Women
Information: • 206-722-6057

Sun., June 27, 4pm PST/7pm EST
LGBTQI+ Pride Event

Bigots be gone! Fighting back for trans youth

Trans kids at Pride parade

Queers, feminists, athletes and others are standing up for trans youth as 33 states consider laws that attack their rights and lives. Panelists will explore why these assaults are happening now, who’s behind them and what can be done to win trans liberation.

Cassidy Boehm: Transgender activist, student, communist. Leader in Campaign for Elected Civilian Review Board, NYC
Sarah Scott: Black lesbian feminist writer and reproductive justice activist with Radical Women, Seattle
Jess Steever: (they/them/their) - Queer labor organizer active in End Homelessness Now campaign with Freedom Socialist Party, L.A.

Register via Zoom:

Sponsored by Radical Women and Freedom Socialist Party

Info: 206-722-2453 • • •

Saturday, June 5, 12:00pm

Community Rally to Cancel the Rent

post of graphic row of homes, row of multi-colored fists raised and row of picket signs with the demands for the Cancel the Rent Community Rally

As the economy continues to reopen, millions are facing skyrocketing rents, looming evictions, rental and mortgage debt, unemployment, and homelessness. The global impact of coronavirus has drastically accelerated the already urgent housing crisis in the U.S. This disproportionately burdens Black, Indigenous, and communities of color as well as people with disabilities, women and children.

In Washington, thousands of people are at risk of becoming homeless if the rent moratorium is lifted June 30th. The Cancel the Rent coalition is organizing a rally for housing justice and calling on state and local officials to extend the eviction moratorium and cancel overdue rent. The coalition calls on the public to stand up for a massive housing program. Give immediate shelter to those most in need by taxing the mega wealthy. Together let’s take to the streets to demand bold solutions to this crisis!

-Mortgage & Debt Relief
-Tax the Rich
-Extend Eviction Moratorium
-Housing for All
-Rent Control Now

Saturday, June 5, 12:00pm
Othello Park 4351 S Othello St, Seattle, WA 98118

For more information, please reach out to Kendall at, (425) 739-5380, or check out the Facebook event.

The Coalition is made up of the following organizations: Washington Poor People's Campaign; Democratic Socialists of America, Seattle; Party for Socialism and Liberation; Radical Women; Seattle Revolutionary Socialists; Tenants Union; Transit Riders Union, Women's Housing Equality and Enhancement League (WHEEL).

Thursday, May 20, 7:00pm
Radical Women organizing meeting

Mobilizing to stop white supremacy and violence against Native women

crow of protesters with signs and a white banner saying-Fight as one - End white supremacy and misogyny - No to fascism!

Learn from a seasoned anti-fascist activist about the importance of standing up to the far right and successful strategies for doing it. This meeting features a recent video presentation by Ann Rogers, a Chippewa elder and longtime Radical Women member, on the impressive work of United Front Against Fascism (UFAF) in the 1990s and its lessons for today.

Also on the agenda: Earth-Feather Sovereign, founder of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women – Washington, will discuss the case of Maddesyn George, a young Native woman from the Colville Indian reservation who is facing a second-degree murder charge for defending herself against a violent rapist. Community support is needed!

Hear from Bellevue School District employees, Chelsea Alger and Leslie Oswald about their efforts to save the public childcare, Bellevue Out of School Time (BOOST) program.

Be part of these and other important discussions.

Register in advance:

Information: • 206-722-6057

Feminist Book Circle - Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00pm beginning Jan. 13

The Revolution Question: Feminisms in El Salvador, Chile and Cuba

Book cover The Revolution Question photo of women in military garb carrying weapons

An inspiring examination of the critical role of women in revolutionary struggles and the relationship of these movements to feminism. Professor Julie Shayne, Coordinator of the Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies, UW Bothell, describes the courageous part played by women in three Latin American liberation movements from 1950s-90s. Interviews with female participants reveal what women brought to the struggle and whether their hopes for leadership and equality were answered. Learn from this still-fresh history and how it applies to questions of feminist leadership today. Everyone welcome.

Sponsored by Radical Women

Register at:
Download syllabus here

For information: 206-722-6057 •

Saturday, May 1st, 12:00pm
Join the May Day march & rally called by May 1st Action Coalition:

There is no return to normal!

Essential & Excluded Workers March and Rally for Immigrant and Workers' Rights

poster with photo of masked worker - Essential & Excluded Workers - annual march and rally

Demands include:
-End to the exclusion we have suffered as essential workers during this pandemic
-Immigration reform that includes everyone
-For the right to organize and unionize!
-To end racism and police violence!

Event details here: here.

Saturday, May 1st, 12:00pm
Meet at St. Mary’s Church, 611 20th Ave S., Seattle

March with Radical Women and Freedom Socialist Party contingent and our “Open the Borders” banner!

Yellow banner with orange silhouettes of protesters acros the bottom -saying One hemisphere undivided - Open the Borders

Information:• • 206-722-6057

Thursday, April 15, 4:30-6:30pm
Sidewalk mobilization to tell state legislators:

Tax the rich to aid poor and working people!

Huge white cloth banner held up inside the state capitol - (in red) Tax the Rich. Stop the Cuts (in black) to Poor and Working People

Make some noise at a rush-hour sign-waving action on the traditional April 15 Tax Day. While the state legislature is still in session, let’s raise the demand to lawmakers that millionaires and billionaires should be paying a state income tax. We will also stand in solidarity with state workers at a nearby Department of Social and Health Services office. Drop by to add your signature to a letter to legislators telling them not to adjourn until they tax the rich!

The much-needed funds should be directed to:
--Funding for 24/7 childcare, healthcare, food, housing, jobs, and all services needed by working and poor women (and all working people).

--Money to rehire state workers who have been laid off and reverse the cutbacks. Increase state workers’ wages and expand hiring for those state sectors that need it the most.

--Money for PPE and additional supplies for COVID. Safe working conditions for all frontline workers.

On corner of S. Graham St. & MLK Way Jr. S., Seattle

Sponsored by Radical Women

Information: • 206-722-6057

Sunday April 11, 11:30am

Picket against white supremacy!

Counter-protest at Westlake Park

huge crowd sitting down in the street with a black man holding a picket sign saying White Supremacy is terrorism

Ultra-right groups have called for Sunday, April 11, to be a national day of “White Lives Matter” rallies, including in Seattle at Westlake at 1pm. It is no accident that they are gathering to flaunt their racist ideology during the trial of George Floyd’s murderer, which is also a time of increased violence and misogyny against Asian Americans and the inhumane detention of refugee children at the border.

Together we can stop these bigots! Bring signs, banners, noisemakers, and chants to shout out the racists and outright fascists.

Westlake Park, 401 Pine St., Seattle

Sponsored by Stand Against White Supremacy Coalition
Facebook event here.

If you or your organization would like to endorse this action, use this form.

For information, contact us at or call 971-267-5201.

Wednesday, March 31, 5:30pm

Community Rally and March to Halt the Housing Crisis

Red banner with white and black lettering - Cancel the Rent, Housing for All, Tax the Rich, Rent Control Now

As the economy reopens, thousands of Washington residents face skyrocketing rents, looming evictions, rental and mortgage debt, and homelessness. The global impact of coronavirus drastically accelerated the housing crisis in the U.S., which disproportionately burdens Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities as well as disabled people, women and children.

Meanwhile, pandemic profiteers like Kroger and Amazon make millions and the legislature doles out breadcrumb reforms with the full knowledge this will do little to stop the flood of evictions that will come after March 31st when the local, state, and federal eviction moratoriums expire.

Enough! Stand up for a massive housing program that gives immediate shelter to those most in need by taxing the mega wealthy. Together let’s take to the streets to demand bold solutions to this crisis.

We are demanding the following:
Cancel the Rent!
Housing for All!
Tax the Rich!
Rent Control Now!

Seattle City Hall, 600 4th Ave, Seattle

Facebook event here.
This event will be livestreamed.

Sponsored by Cancel the Rent Coalition.
For information, or if your organization would like to endorse this action, contact the coalition at

Thursday, March 18, 7pm
Women’s History Month Film Night

Naila and the Uprising

Crowd of Palestinian women with hands raised in V sign at the first Intifada in 1980, includes Naila Ayesh
This compelling film highlights the journey of Naila Ayesh, a young woman in Gaza and part of a fierce community of Palestinian women whom she joins at the frontlines of the First Intifada in the late 1980s. This movement helped force the world to recognize Palestinians’ right to self-determination. Despite their remarkable leadership, the women faced sexism by Israeli and Palestinian government leaders and were not credited for their efforts. The film illustrates how women-led civil resistance can stir the masses, pressure the powers-that-be and affect significant change. Discussion follows. Everyone welcome. Free.

Register here:

Sponsored by Radical Women
• 206-722-6057

Saturday, March 13, 4pm (6pm CST, 7pm EST)
Online International Women's Day Celebration

Women Rise Up Globally Against Femicide

artistic drawing of three women with fists raised overlaying photo of huge feminist rally

This international celebration of the socialist-inspired day to honor working women will bring together feminists of different nations and regions to discuss the massive cross-border upsurge in defense of women’s lives and address how to stop the epidemic of violence against women.

Amelia Kirk-Harkin, Australia, union activist, tradeswoman and artist, Melbourne Radical Women
Eréndira Munguía, Mexico, college mathematics professor, Partido Obrero Socialista (Socialist Workers Party)
Earth-Feather Sovereign, Confederated Colville Tribes, founder of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Washington
Charlotte Strauss Swanson, U.S. Radical Women, doctoral researcher in psychology, gender, social justice at University of Tennessee

Register in advance at

Sponsored by: Radical Women U.S. and Australia

For more information:
Radical Women National Office

Sunday, February 21, 1pm Zoom event
Black History Month celebration

The Unfinished Revolution: Black Reconstruction Today

Black women and men with fists raised holding signs saying Black Trans Lives Matter

Today's fight against entrenched racism cries out for a massive restructuring of society on the level of post-Civil War Reconstruction, where former slaves led in creation of historic gains, including public school and health systems, Black political representation, and increased democratic rights. Help envision the components of a new Reconstruction through a multiracial anti-capitalist and feminist movement with militant Black working-class leadership. Get connected to campaigns against police brutality, homelessness, and rising fascism. Step into the battle for reproductive justice, and for jobs and training programs that focus on the Black community.

Featured Speaker:
Kristina Lee
is a Black and Chinese activist from San Francisco, with Slash SFPD Stash - Guns & Cash and the Comrades of Color Caucus of Radical Women and the Freedom Socialist Party

Register in advance for this meeting:

Hosted by:
National Comrades of Color Caucus
of Radical Women and the Freedom Socialist Party

For more information:
Facebook event

Thursday, February 18, 7:00pm
Black History Month meeting

Feminists mobilize for racial and economic justice

Seattle demonstrators in front of government building with signs saying Stop Police Murder and Fight as One!

Discover the inspiring life of Claudia Jones (1915-1964), a courageous civil rights journalist, feminist, and Communist. She confronted racism, sexism, poverty, and anti-radical McCarthyism while continuing to organize for rights of workers', immigrants, and more. Also on the agenda will be a discussion on Radical Women’s International Women’s Day event. It’s a look at the explosive burst of global activism against femicide. There will be an update on the bold organizing campaign for racial justice at King County Metro by Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity (OWLS). And plans to urge the Washington state legislature to stand up for working women. Your ideas and energy are needed!

Register at

Sponsored by Radical Women

For information: 206-722-6057 •

Thursday, January 21, 7:00pm
Online organizing meeting

From global to local – feminists take on the system!

Anti-fascist rally at UW, Feb 2018

Get to know what Radical Women and socialist feminists internationally are doing to fight for women’s freedom and progress. Battling for reproductive justice in Argentina, standing up to the far right, pushing the legislature, and resisting the economic assaults of Covid-19 – these are just a few of the important fronts of “women’s work.” Check it out and learn how you can get involved!

Register here:

Sponsored by Radical Women

For more information: 206-722-6057 •

January 11, 2021

Call-in day to state legislators for a women's action budget

yellow banner with red phone and instructions to call Washington State Legislature

Tell your state legislators on Mon., Jan. 11:

Enact a Take Action Budget for working women and their families

The Covid-19 crisis is severely injuring working women, especially women of color and single mothers. Women are the frontline, low-paid workers in hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, grocery stores and public transit. Mothers have been forced to leave jobs when childcare disappeared or in order to oversee home education, nurse family members, and provide for elders.

Radical Women needs your help to follow up with the online petition, with hundreds of signers,that was recently sent to Governor Inslee and elected officials. Urge your legislators to take desperately needed action for women and all workers in Washington state. Without it, women’s economic security will be undermined for the rest of their lives and generations to come.

The recent protests by ultra-right groups in Olympia and Washington DC were not only an open threat of misogynist and white supremacist violence, but they also back the agenda of Republican legislators: to deny women and the entire working class services, education, jobs or social support of any kind.

The Democrat-controlled legislature in Washington state must hear from constituents who stand against this draconian ideology and call on them not hold a business-as-usual session.

Call your state reps and senator on Mon., Jan. 11, the first day of the state legislative session

Connect with them via the Legislative Hotline, 1-800-562-6000, 8am – 7pm
or locate them here:

Urge them to:
● Amend the state constitution to allow taxation of the wealthiest corporations and individuals who have grown grotesquely rich off the pandemic. Fund hazard pay for all workers in contact with the public. Mandate free PPE and healthcare for all, regardless of immigration status, and free 24-hour childcare for all.

● Enact statewide rent control. Stop the homelessness disaster with complete back rent forgiveness and no evictions. Provide state subsidies for small landlords to make up for lost income.

Please share this call to action with family, friends and co-workers and on your social media. Thank you!