Write to women political prisoners in Turkey!

Radical Women supports the call of Turkish feminists for an international letter-writing campaign in solidarity with female political prisoners. Nearly 8000 women were imprisoned as of November 2016 after the Erdogan government's crackdown on opposition. They are living in extremely overcrowded conditions and some are facing life imprisonment. Send letters via arkadasimayaziyorum@gmail.com where the letters will be collected and forwarded to the prisoners.

"We, the women activists in Turkey, make a call to the international society to stand in solidarity with our friends in prison. Support us in our joint action by writing open letters to ... our friends who are detained or arrested, or convicted… They are women rights activists, politicians, journalists, authors, and lawyers… We marched together at every protest with our friends in prison. We organized conferences, panel discussions, festivals. We were side by side when we went to the funerals of femicide victims, when we paid our condolences to their families.

"We went together to the court hearings of abused and raped women, of women who defended themselves from the aggressors. Our friends wrote our petitions against violence and discrimination and took them to Parliament. They represented us. They demanded the municipalities to open day-care centres for children, to build safe houses for domestic abuse victims, to create equal job opportunities.

"Together, we made a vow to fight for women's freedom! Together, we defended our rights!

"The efforts of those who put our friends behind iron bars are in vain… There is no wall to separate us from each other. There is no turning back, now that we have come this far. And we will write our memories, stories, thoughts, and wishes so that they will forever be remembered. We will meet again and laugh together. We will share a better future.

"Let's write to our friends, in any medium, printed or digital, on our social media accounts. Only a few sentences or many pages. And please send your letters to arkadasimayazyorum@gmail.com so that we can collect them.

"The Fight of Women Can Not Be Judged Initiative"