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Thursday, October 21, 7pm
Radical Women Zoom Meeting

Season of the witch:
Fighting patriarchy's toils and troubles

Six women dressed all in black with black veils and witch hats holding signs 'Good night alt-right' and 'Hex White Supremacy'><br>
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Protesting the far-right, Boston, 2017

Feminists of all genders are taking to the streets and rebellious witches ride through the air! Is there a connection? Come to this Radical Women meeting to learn about local and national actions for the October 3 National Mobilization for Reproductive Justice and the women's marches the day before. Plus, as a special seasonal treat, a feminist anthropologist looks at Caribbean magical traditions and their fascinating connection to witch lore in Europe and the U.S. Everyone welcome.

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New Radical Women discussion group begins Wed., November 3!
Online 6-session study circle

Patriarchy: Where it came from and how to smash it

Young woman face-to-face with heavily armored riot policeman staring him down
Chilean activist faces off against riot police, 2016.

A women’s uprising is sweeping the globe. Sisters and allies are standing up to domestic violence, rape, femicide, poverty, sexual repression, paternalism, racism and transphobia. When and how did women become “the second sex” and how does gender oppression prop up other forms of bigotry under capitalism? What will it take to turn rage into revolution, bringing in a new world that frees everyone? All genders welcome as we explore this fascinating topic!

Six Wednesdays at 7pm, beginning November 3
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