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Seattle Radical Women Activities

Thursday, July 18th, 7:00pm
Organizing meeting

Report back from the momentous feminist-labor action in Washington DC!

Members of the National Mobilization for Reproductive Justice stand on stage at the Press conference. They are wearing green shirts and holding green signs with white printing calling for labor action to defend reproductive justice. At the left is an enlarged replica of the letter to the AFL-CIO.

Members of the National Mobilization for Reproductive Justice (initiated by Radical Women), unionists and allies made their voices heard on the anniversary of the Dobbs decision with powerful speakers and the presentation of 640+ letters to the AFL-CIO president urging labor leadership in the right for reproductive justice. Come to this meeting to get the full story from attendees and Radical Women activists Emma Allen and Gina Petry on this historic achievement.

Light snacks and drinks available for donation starting at 6:30pm.

New Freeway Hall, 5018 Rainer Ave S., Seattle
On #7 bus line. Near Columbia City Light rail station.

Sponsored by Radical Women

For more information: 206-722-6057

Starting Monday, July 15th, 6:30pm
6-week public reading circle

Middle Eastern feminist voices for liberation

a group of mideast women in bright orange and purple dress waving large flags

Explore women's multi-faceted realities in different parts of the Middle East. Readings will include historic and modern-day writings that examine the challenges confronted by Arab, Iranian and Kurdish feminists and how they organize. Hear from Middle Eastern women about how they view true liberation. Discuss the role of U.S. feminists in building international solidarity. Get a window into the politics and cultures of this crucial region. Everyone welcome.

New Freeway Hall, 5018 Rainier Ave S., Seattle WA
On the #7 busline and near the Columbia City light rail station

Hosted by Radical Women

Reading packets available for sale at each session or by emailing

For more information: 206-722-6057

2nd Thursday of the month, 6:30pm
Open mobilizing meetings

Plug into local reproductive justice organizing

People waving reproductive justice signs on a freeway overpass with banners saying Defend Abortion Rights

Join other activists in a grassroots, intersectional effort to defend abortion and all reproductive justice. The U.S. Supreme Court decision on the Mississippi case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, will undoubtedly gut, if not destroy, abortion rights for most people. People of color and poor and working women will be hardest hit. Destruction of the federal right to abortion will further embolden our state’s patriarchal far right, which already targets Planned Parenthood and other clinics.

Make a difference as you work with like-minded feminists and learn new skills, such as organizing rallies and doing community outreach.

Register here:

Sponsored by the Puget Sound Mobilization for Reproductive Justice

For more information:, 206-722-6057. Ask for Gina. See the demands of the Puget Sound Mobilization for Reproductive Justice at