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National Radical Women Activities

Sunday, July 18 -- 3pm PDT, 5pm CDT, 6pm EDT
Radical Women organizing meeting

Spotlighting the fight for reproductive justice

Black women on stage with one woman speaking into microphone
SisterReach and supporters speak out in Memphis, Tennessee, June 19, 2020.

Black women, women of color and the poor are hardest hit when abortion rights are denied. The fight for full reproductive justice encompasses issues of access to quality health care, social support for pregnant people and single mothers, an end to forced sterilization, childcare, and ending all forms of bigotry.

This national Radical Women zoom meeting will begin with fiery words from a videotaped press conference by SisterReach of Memphis, Tennessee, in June 2020, when lawmakers had just passed a 6-week limit on abortion. An array of speakers reveal the full human cost and racist impact of attacks on reproductive rights.

Buoyed by their fight-back, we will then discuss Radical Women’s plans to build a strong movement to stop the rollback of reproductive rights, beginning with an inspiring international Women’s Rights Day celebration in August and a campaign for actions around the country on October 3, to remember Rosie Jiménez and defend Roe v Wade.

Come share your ideas and energy. Let’s build this movement!

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You will receive a Zoom confirmation. For more information: 206-985-4621 • Facebook eventRadicalWomenUS@gmail.com

Saturday, Aug. 28, 1pm PDT, 3pm CDT, 4pm EDT
Women’s Rights Day celebration

The inspiring global fight for reproductive justice

Women holding green triangle scarves, seated in front of a colorful mural callfing legalization of abortion

Don't miss this exciting event! Two international speakers will tell how women in their countries won legal abortion by building massive grassroots movements. Building on their inspiration, a Phoenix feminist will discuss how to counter threats to reproductive justice in the United States. Come away energized, hopeful, and galvanized to action!

ARGENTINA – Paula Carbajal – educator, historian, abortion rights activist, Mujeres por la Libertad, Neuquén
IRELAND - Ellen Dillon – poet and teacher, rural organizer for movement to repeal anti-abortion law, Limerick
U.S. – Susan Massey – feminist mathematician in health research, Radical Women, Phoenix

Chair: Nga Bui – anti-fascist organizer, New York City

Register in advance at https://tinyurl.com/WRD-RW
Sponsored by: Radical Women U.S. For more information: 206-985-4621 • Facebook eventRadicalWomenUS@gmail.com

6-session Sunday book group 3pm PT, 5pm CT, 6pm ET

“Revolution, She Wrote,” by Clara Fraser

portrait of smiling Clara Fraser

Radical Women founder Clara Fraser provides an encyclopedic yet entertaining exploration of the meaning of socialist feminism, the power of Marxist theory and working-class feminism, and the highs and lows of an activist life. Through columns, essays and speeches spanning 40 years, she addresses diverse topics including women's leadership, the interconnections of racism and sexism, homophobia in the military, electoral politics, and more. Meet a woman revolutionary for all times! Everyone welcome.

cover of Revolution She Wrote by Clara Fraser with a painted portrait of her

Order from Red Letter Press, $17.95 plus shipping
or read online at: https://tinyurl.com/RSWonline
Register here. You will receive a Zoom confirmation.

6/6: Intro & Toward Human Beingness p. 13-25; A Passion for Politics p. 379-387 Readings here.

7/11: The Amazon Arsenal p. 29-96

8/1: Linked in Common Class Bondage p. 115-151

11/7: Socialism for Skeptics p. 271-301

12/5: Marxism: From Red Square to Main Street p. 305-371

1/9: The Socialist Feminist Future (& beyond!) p. 375-377

For more information: 206-985-4621 • RadicalWomenUS@gmail.com

Sunday, June 20, 3pm PDT, 5pm CDT, 6pm EDT
National Radical Women online meeting

A call-out to defenders of abortion rights!

Black woman speaking in front of a multi-racial group holding picket signs saying I am a Woman Not a Womb, Stop the Bans, etc.

Are you outraged and worried that the pro-patriarchy Supreme Court majority could overturn Roe v Wade when it takes up Mississippi’s anti-abortion laws this fall? What should supporters of women’s rights do to stop a rollback? What local or national actions can we work on together to affirm every person’s right to control their own body?

Radical Women knows that powerful social movements have a big influence on the U.S. Supreme Court. That is the lesson from how abortion, voting rights, LGBTQ marriage and other groundbreaking victories were won. Relying on lobbyists, lawyers, and professional spokespeople isn’t going to cut it. Neither will the hope that mail-order abortion drugs can stop the conflict. The real aim of anti-choicers is controlling and repressing women, queers and trans people. The far-right wants to revive racist eugenics policies that restrict childbearing for people of color, while boosting the white birthrate. To turn the tide will take masses in the streets like we’ve seen in Ireland, Argentina, Poland and elsewhere. We need a united fight against a common enemy!

Come to this Radical Women meeting to brainstorm bold and creative approaches that could spark mass action. Bring your thoughts on what is needed locally and nationally, along with ideas on how to build alliances with other social movements.

Register at https://tinyurl.com/NRWJune
You will receive a Zoom confirmation.

For more information: 206-985-4621 • RadicalWomenUS@gmail.com • facebook.com/RadicalWomenUS