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National Radical Women Activities

Sunday, April 18, 3pm PDT, 5pm CDT, 6pm EDT
National Radical Women Zoom meeting

Standing up to fascists yesterday and today

protest crowd marching on a sunny day with a big yellow banner saying-United Front Against Fascism

Learn about a powerful coalition effort, United Front Against Fascism (UFAF), that confronted and demoralized fascists every time they raised their heads in the Pacific Northwest during the 1990s. Radical Women was a proud part of that movement. Ann Rogers, a Native American elder who was a mainstay of the UFAF campaign, will recount key lessons from that experience -- lessons that are urgently needed today as Nazis and white supremacists ratchet up recruiting efforts around the country.

The meeting will also hear reports on Radical Women's participation in recent protests against the far-right in Seattle, Phoenix, and Huntington Beach, California. Plus an update on Radical Women's organizing around the EACH Act to expand abortion access and other socialist feminist activities. Everyone welcome.

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For more information: 206-985-4621 • Facebook event • RadicalWomenUS@gmail.com

Sunday, March 21, 3pm PDT/5pm CDT/6pm EDT
Online meeting

Women Shake the World

Long street march of teachers in black slacks and white blouses with fists in the air
Teachers protest military coup, Feb. 9, 2021. (Ninjastrikers)

With the roar of global International Women's Day protests still reverberating, this socialist feminist gathering will examine the courageous leadership role women are playing in opposing the military coup in Myanmar. What inspires them? What has brought them into the streets?

The meeting will also discuss organizing for the Each Woman Act, which would strengthen abortion access across the U.S., and hold a skills-building session on writing successful letters to the editor. Everyone welcome.

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