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Melbourne Radical Women Activities

Alternate Wednesdays, 2 June – 11 August 2021
6-session revolutionary feminist study circle

Patriarchy: Where it came from and how to smash it

photo of young women with red-painted hand across their faces and pointing their fingers at the camera

A MeToo movement has re-erupted in Australia, and a women’s uprising is sweeping the globe. Radical Women is hosting this online study circle to explore both the crisis underpinning these exciting events and the opportunity for building a united and powerful feminist offensive. We’ll delve into critical questions, like: How did society, once egalitarian under women’s leadership, get so warped? What does it take to turn our rage into a revolution, bringing in a new world that frees everyone?

Join from anywhere in Australia by registering via the session links on facebook. All genders welcome!

Email or phone 03-9388-0062 for a study guide or more information.

Tuesday, 29 June, 7.00 pm AEST
Online Stonewall celebration

Feminism, transgender liberation and the Stonewall rebellion

watercolor drawing of three superheroes

Veteran LGBTIQA+ liberationist Alison Thorne will discuss the shared roots of oppression between cis and trans women and all queers at this special Stonewall celebration. Thorne is a trade unionist and founding member of the Melbourne chapter of Radical Women. She’s been arguing for decades that feminism must be inclusive of transgender sisters.

Radical Women and Rainbow Atheists will co-host this discussion, paying tribute to the leadership of trans women of colour and working-class non-binary folks in the 1969 Stonewall riots. Declaring “Enough!” to police harassment, these protests laid fertile ground for a radical liberation movement set on dismantling compulsory heterosexuality, busting the gender binary and winning liberation for all.

Register here to receive a zoom link:

Email or phone 03-9388-0062 for more information.

All genders welcome!