New York, New York

Sunday, March 8, 12:00pm
International Women’s Day:
March with Radical Women!

March with Radical Women for International Women's Day and demand justice for Nestora Salgado, a naturalized U.S. citizen and political prisoner in Mexico.

Nestora is an indigenous leader in her hometown of Olinalá in the state of Guerrero, where she was elected as head of the local community-based police. Arrested in August of 2013 on bogus kidnapping charges by corrupt officials, Nestora continues to be held in a maximum security prison despite having been cleared of all charges by a Mexican federal judge. We must free her and all political prisoners! For more info, visit

On Sunday, March 8th, meet up at 12 noon at Herald Square, W. 34th Street at 6th Ave. & Broadway (subject to change in case of inclement weather). See details in attached flyer. Look for the Nestora Salgado banner! Call Radical Women at 212-222-0633 to meet up.