New York, New York
Freedom Hall
113 West 128th Street
New York City, New York 10027
Tel: 212-222-0633

Wednesday, December 9, 7-9pm
Organizing meeting
Calling all New Yorkers concerned about police violence!
Join the campaign for an Elected Civilian Review Board!

Reports mount daily of another Black life lost at the hands of the police or another acquittal of a guilty cop. We need a concrete mechanism to exert community control over the police. Please attend this first organizing meeting to build a New York City campaign for an Elected Civilian Review Board.

An Elected Civilian Review Board (ECRB) would be empowered to investigate and act on all complaints of police misconduct, and would replace the currently existing NYC Civilian Complaint Board that provides little to no recourse for victims of police brutality or misconduct. ECRB members would be elected at the grassroots community level, not appointed as are the members of the current Complaint Board in NYC. The inherent role of the police is to uphold and protect the monied interests that run our cities. An ECRB would be a community-led force that would place a significant check on the police and help save lives now.

Your input and energy are needed! The meeting agenda will include a discussion of how an ECRB would function in NYC, drafting of a timeline to organize for a 2016 NYC Referendum, and next steps for action.

Freedom Hall, 113 West 128th St. Harlem, NY
(2/3 Subway to 125th St.)

This meeting is initiated by Radical Women and the Freedom Socialist Party, who are committed to working with others through an open, respectful, democratic structure, and a platform that represents those communities most affected by police violence.

For more info, call (212) 222-0633 or email